Interior design is a marriage between fantasy and imagination of what a space can be and the reality of parameters which may challenge the design concept.

It is the design of spaces and objects of common use within an enclosed space.  Regardless of the function of the space, the ideal is to have everything in its most functional place.  Our goal is to engage with the client and ultimately bring a sense of whimsy or elegance and originality to the functional through unexpected combinations of colors, volumes, materials, surfaces and light to reflect the client’s taste and style of living.   

So, while the role of the interior designer is on the one side the creative vision, driving the design toward the feel and look within a space’s function, on the other side, a designer must also be quite practical, respecting budgets and deadlines.   At this point creativity shines and experience becomes obvious.  The team at Tatem Interiors has worked for over 15 years in design, construction, and project management in Miami to deliver bespoke interiors on time, beautifully.